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Rodegher's Used Books

23924 Michigan Ave., Dearborn MI 48124
used book store
Wed.-Fri.-Sat. 10-7
Closing Sale!!! July 27, 29 and 30th, A Bag of Books for $1.00 !!!  No Limit!!  Closing Permantly July 30th, 2016  !!  I am closing my bookstore after 18 years!  I appreciate the friendship and support all have given me.  It is just me here now so the store will only be open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10-7.  Please use your book credits before then.  I look foward to seeing everyone and retiring. I plan on spending more time with my husband, four children and three grandchildren !   Thank you again,  and God Bless you all.-Kathy Jennings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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 We are located at  23924 Michigan Ave., Dearborn MI 48124, 1 block east of Telegraph on the north side of Michigan Avenue.  Monday through Saturday  10am to 7PM closed Sunday. Some holidays the store is closed.  They are New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, Sunday and Monday of  Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  Phone us at (313) 791-8962 during our business hours.                                       

Rodegher's Used Books opened April 16, 1998. It is owned by me,  Kathy Ann Jennings (formerly Rodegher). I recently got married December 1, 2012.  My husband has been a great help and the stock and the store itself has greatly improved due to his efforts.   Besides paperback and hardcover fiction,  there is also a large selection of military history, childrens books, history, math, science, self-help, recovery, psychology and young adult books.   Also, health, diet, fitness, religion, cookbooks, philosophy, biography, sports, gardening, entertainment and other non-fiction categories. 

Also,  our store is bladder friendly.   Our bathroom is properly maintained and opened to the public to add to your shopping convenience and comfort -but no reading there allowed !!

Birthday Books!  When you bring in books for credit you will automatically be eligible for $10.00 worth of free books during your birthday month.  Just come in during that month and let us know it is your  Birthday visit.  The first $10.00 of your purchase will be free.  After that, you can use your book credit.   
PRICES:  pocket size,mass market paperbacks are 1/2 the brand new price printed on the cover, no less than 2.00.  All other books are priced in the upper right corner of the first or second page.  Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express  and your firstborn child are accepted forms of payment.
inside bookstore
BOOK CREDIT: (trade ins) I do not pay cash for books. I do figure out a credit for books you bring and the credit is kept on file  with your name and address.   Each time you make a purchase, you still pay for your books, but you will get 50%  discount.  For instance,  if your purchase totals $10.00,  you would pay $5.00 plus tax, and the remaining $5.00 would be deducted from your credit.  Leftover credit just remains on file until you use it up.   Books are not free.   It  may not seem fair that you have to pay for your books while I don't.  If I paid cash I would be much more selective of the books I accept and I would have to guess what books you might want to buy.  This way,  I put out as many books as my shelves can hold and if a book does not sell after a while,  I remove  it.  You keep your credit whether I sell  your books or not.  


 MORE ON BOOK CREDIT:   The book credit is figured like this: mass market paperbacks at 25% of the printed U.S. cover price, no less than $1.  Hardcover and trade size paperbacks get 1/2 of the individually marked price. If a mass market paperback book has $7.99 printed on the cover as its U.S. cover price, then your credit for that book would be $2.00, which is 25%  of $7.99.  For the hardcover and trade size paperbacks, if I price the book at $5.00, then your credit would be $2.50.  I figure the credit for each book, add it all up, record it with your name, address and the day and month of your birthday and keep on file for whenever you want to use it.

I DO NOT ACCEPT: condensed books, magazines, library discards, encyclopedia's, computer books,badly worn, torn, or coverless books,pre-2013 Harlequin or Silhouette romances, no water damaged or underlined books. 


DROPPING OFF BOOKS: Please do not bring more than one bag or box per visit.    If you drop them off without me going through them first,  I will dispose of the ones I do not  keep at my discretion.  I either donate the ones I can't use or throw them out.  My space is limited and I cannot store them.

RETURNS:  Cash refunds are at the descretion of the management. This means you will not get a cash refund unless management finds it justified.  However, you can return books for credit. 


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